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Vehicle Remapping only £175.00*

Engine “chipping” is regarded by many as a dark art. Meddling with black boxes and deciphering reams of computer code may sound like something out of matrix , but often the results are more a case of “chip and win” rather than “chip and sin”

These are times when we could do with a little more “poke” under our right foot. Yet most motorists wouldn’t dream of bolting on boy racer extra’s such as big bore exhausts or induction kits for the small power gains they offer.

Chipping is the grown up way to increase your cars performance and its not all about going faster. The procedure can improve throttle response , as well as Economy and towing ability.

So what is chipping ?

well for a start the term is rather out of date when carburetors where replaced by fuel injection and engine control units (ECU) The art of Tuning became complex.

Instead of adjusting with a screw driver , a computer and software are needed to tell the ECU what to adjust. These new programs are installed on to a microchip which are plugged into cars circuit board – hence the name chipping.

EAC Telford

Vehicle Remapping £175.00*

As vehicles evolve , so has the Technique now most tuners plug in a laptop to the diagnostics port and upload software to adjust fueling Saving you up to 5 MPG , drive-by-wire throttle response , Turbo control , engine load and torque limiters this is commonly known as remapping , but the chipping term has stuck.

It is true that most buyers are interested in the performance gains remapping offers, Although its not only super cars that respond well to the modification diesels especially those fitted to VW group models – benefit greatly , with typical power and torque gains of 30 percent.

Petrol units can also see improvements , with the largest increases found on turbo charged engines, Each remap manufacturer writes its own software after studying a vehicles standard data using rolling road.

* k tagg only via OBD Socket

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