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Some important notes about M.O.T: All EC states must comply with a Directive to ensure that vehicles using public roads are mechanically safe and operate within emissions limits. In mainland Britain, cars and light commercial vehicles must be Tested when they are three years old and annually thereafter (this varies throughout the EC).

The UK MOT now covers over 150 checks of safety- related and emissions systems.

VOSA (Vehicle Operator & Services Agency)

VOSA (Vehicle Operator & Services Agency) is the government agency responsible for the MOT, and they have commissioned Siemens to computerize the MOT Test. From the vehicle owner’s point of view this simply means that instead of writing the results of the Test onto a form, the MOT Tester keys the results directly into the main computer from his or her terminal at the Testing Station. VOSA believe that
computerization will significantly improve the security of the Test certificates and reduce fraud, as well as bringing many other benefits.

While members of the public will still receive a paper document from the Testing Station following a vehicle Test, the legal ‘proof’ of the MOT is now the electronic record of the Test held on the VOSA computer. Members of the public can confirm that a vehicle has a valid MOT by either contacting VOSA on 0870 330 044 or visiting their website.