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Whilst we make sure that our vehicles receive a regular service our air conditioning systems are often forgotten. Over time, the air conditioning system in your vehicle needs to be serviced and recharged to continue to work to its optimum level.

Your car air conditioning works all year round to keep you and your passengers comfortable whilst also filtering out dust, pollen and minimizing condensation levels to help you enjoy your journey. Whilst continuous use can help your vehicle air conditioning work more efficiently, it needs regular maintenance the same as any other component on your car.

Maintaining your air conditioning system is essential, not only for the personal comfort of the driver and passengers but for your health too. Air Conditioning units, especially in older vehicles are subject to spreading bacteria as this builds up in the vents, so it is essential to ensure your air-con is working safely and cleanly.

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What can go wrong?

Many customers do not use their air conditioning during the winter months, unfortunately this can cause the internal seals to dry out and result in leaks. We encourage our customers to use their air conditioning throughout the year for demisting their windows; most air conditioning systems will work even when the heater”s on, and come the summer the air conditioning unit has not suffered the common fault of seals drying out.

Turning off air conditioning systems in the winter months. Leaves condensation in the pipe work. This, combined With heat from the engine, provides an ideal breeding ground for Bacteria and mould spores. Besides the unpleasant smells, this can result in sore throats and allergic reactions. Also, in the winter months windows tend to mist up if the filter is blocked, as the warm air stream cannot circulate properly.

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Pollen Filters

A blocked pollen filter will further aggravate allergies and asthma. Other dangers include carbon particulates, exhaust emissions, industrial dust and fungal spores which settle in the air passages of a over long period of time.

A new pollen filter can ensure:
•Optimal protection from dust, pollen and harmful exhaust emissions.
•Good quality filtered air.
•Windscreens don’t mist up in autumn and winter.
•Leak Detection.

Traditional methods of system leak detection used refrigerant and a refrigerant detector. F-Gas regulations state that this now is now an illegal practice. Other methods such as Nitrogen testing just give audible warnings only. Nitrogen cannot be detected using a leak detector as the atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen. Nitrogen testing relies on the person testing, to listen for the escaping gas, this makes small leaks very hard to find. Adding ultraviolet dyes to a new refrigerant charge is not always a cost effective solution, waiting for a leak to emerge and dye to be detected may take up to a few days. Inevitably there is a loss of refrigerant gas into the atmosphere, this is also illegal practice. We have invested in a revolutionary leak detection system fully compliant with the latest F-gas air conditioning regulations, this allows us to add a special blend of gas which is highly detectable with the tools detector, we can assure you that if you have a slight leak this product will find it.

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Latest HFO-1234yf

For all cars type approved after 2011 and 134a refrigeration re-gassing

Around 60% of cars now have air con, or climate control. This is where air is cooled in the car by cooling the air through a condenser. This helps make the air cold in your car refrigeration gas is condensed and then air is passed over the condenser and through vents and into your car.
If it all works correctly you get very cold air from your car vents.
Each year a small number (15%) of gas permeates from the system, when this happens the effectiveness of your air con diminishes.
EAC Telford have been servicing Air Conditioning systems in cars for many years. We are one of a very few vehicle repairers who can re gas later model cars with the new HFO-1234yf gas.
As you may be aware the refrigeration gas is not terribly ozone friendly, so it is a good idea to keep your Air Con serviced by our experts at EAC Telford.

Here are the reasons why you should keep your Air Con system in good condition.

  1. There are several different types of refrigeration and it takes a real expert to know the correct type of gas to re-fill your system with.
  2. Fully topped up will be far more efficient.
  3. Bacteria can build up in the condenser, this may smell musty and will not be very good for you.
  4. We always check for leaks as we don’t want gas to escape and stop your Air con working.

Be warned the nozzles to re-fill / re-gas are identical and if the gas’s get mixed a huge amount of damage will occur.

Here is a quick guide to see if your Air con / Climate Control needs servicing.

  1. Your cars is not getting the same Miles per gallon.
  2. The windows are steaming up.
  3. It smells a bit musty.
  4. Its not as cool as it used to be.

If your car is still using R12 gas we can upgrade you to the R134a.
This latest gas is fitted to all new cars type approved after 2011.
We can top up / recharge your car with the following Air Con Gas’s R134a, and the latest new car environmentally refrigeration R1234yf or sometimes referred to as HFO-1234yf.
It is no longer legal to supply R12 gas.

Speak to an EAC Telford representative directly about your service enquiry or request a quote.