Automotive Batteries

Where to get the best Automotive Batteries? Engineered in Germany, VARTA® Automotive Batteries are designed to deliver the right level of power and longevity for every kind of car. Whether you are looking for batteries for standard vehicles or highly equipped cars with start-stop systems, you will find them below.

For vehicles with start-stop system

Silver Dynamic AGM

VARTA® Silver Dynamic AGM — the start-stop benchmark for unparalleled performance.

For conventional vehicles

Silver Dynamic

VARTA® Silver Dynamic – best-in-class performance for highest power needs.

For vehicles with start-stop system

Blue Dynamic EFB

VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB — the start-stop entry-level product for superior performance needs.

For conventional vehicles

Blue Dynamic

VARTA® Blue Dynamic – reliable performance for medium power needs.

For conventional vehicles

Black Dynamic

VARTA® Black Dynamic – best performance for cars built before 2000.

For backup applications

Silver Dynamic Auxiliary

Dual battery system for high-level start-stop driving.

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