PAGID Brake Pads, Discs & Calipers


All brakes cover 25,000 miles or 25 months warranty no quibble warranty.


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PAGID Brake Pads, Discs & Calipers

All brakes cover 25,000 miles or 25 months warranty no quibble warranty.


  • Chamfers are designed to avoid vibration and smooth the bedding in process.
  • Specifically engineered shims for each application to reduce vibration and noise.
  • 95% of the range is copper-free, reducing fine particle emissions.
  • Over 200 different raw materials were evaluated, before deciding on the final friction formula.
  • Over 300,000 km of on-road and track driving is conducted for each and every brake pad.
  • Covered by our 25/25 warranty, guaranteeing them for 25 months, or 25,000 miles.


Covering thousands of cars and light commercial vehicles across 200 different vehicle brands, all of PAGID brake discs are produced with the aim of superlative safety and braking performance. When it comes to matching our OE quality brake pads, Pagid brake discs are the number one choice.


Sitting alongside our brake pad and brake disc range is our line of brake calipers. A caliper is part of the essential makeup when creating an effective disc-brake system on vehicles, providing secure housing of the all-important brake pads and pistons.

We are so confident Pagid brake pads and discs are built to the highest of standards, that we provide our unique 25/25 Guarantee.