Comparison from the Main Dealership to your local independent Garage EAC Telford.

Car Compare Audi A6 All-Road Tdi Quattro.CDUD 2967cc 24V 241 BHP –64—

Local Main Dealer Price

Inspection Service: Every 40,000 Miles/48 £434.72
Replace Fuel Filter £121.29
CVT Gear Box Oil Change £299.30
Renew The Dust And Pollen Filter £64.59
Totaling up to a massive dealer cost of £919.90
EAC Telford Price £563.45
Saving you £356.45 for the same Service.

EAC Prices

Inspection Service: Every 40,000 Miles £252.98
Replace Fuel Filter £67.56
CVT Gear Box Oil Change £189.89
Renew The Dust And Pollen Filter £53.02

EAC Cost £563.45

Totaling to a massive Saving of £356.45 on your local Audi Dealers.

Service includes:

  • Change engine oil and oil filter.
  • Check charging cable and vehicle socket for mechanical damage (Hybrid)Check brake fluid level.
  • Correct and note down tyre pressure.
  • Check/correct spare tyre pressure (equipment specific)Check TIREFIT tyre sealant (equipment specific)Check first aid kit Check luggage compartment illumination for proper operation.
  • Check/correct windscreen washer fluid Check lamps in the instrument cluster and interior illumination for proper operation Check ex-factory driving aids (equipment specific)Fill up or replace vial of perfume atomizer (equipment specific) Fill up AdBlue tank (equipment specific, after consultation with customer)Check coolant level.
  • Check all visible parts in engine compartment for damage and leaks.
  • Check visible area of poly V-belt for wear (except Hybrid)Check all visible parts of vehicle underside for damage and leaks.
  • Check condition of steering and tie rods.
  • Check condition of front axle and front axle ball joints.
  • Check condition of propeller shaft and flex disks.
  • Check condition of rear axle and rear axle ball joints.
  • Check condition of suspension struts or shock absorbers and springs.
  • Check tyres for damage and crack formation.

All parts above are Genuine Audi Parts and Audi Approved oils

We use Genuine Audi parts and Castrol Lubricants in every service , with highly trained Technicians

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