Car service: Why it’s value for money

EAC Telford has been caring for motorists and their cars in and around Telford for years. We like to listen to your questions and comments and always offer great value. With this in mind, we thought we’d scribe this article so you can get to grips with the benefits of vehicle maintenance and select the right repairer to care for your pride and joy.

Having your car serviced regularly makes a lot of sense. Not only does servicing your vehicle maintain it’s efficiency it will minimise the likelihood of an unexpected breakdown.

The value of having a car serviced should not be underestimated – especially as it can save money and prevent unwanted breakdowns. The RAC, who go the then aid of more than 2.5 million roadside call-outs each year, reports that a high percentage of these breakdowns are caused by a lack of basic maintenance.

Car Service

Having your car serviced will not only help spot potential problems before they arise but, even though it comes at a cost, it can also save money in the long run. Primarily this is because when a car goes without a service it can use more fuel as it’s not running at its most efficient. Even minor neglect, like failing to have the oil changed, can affect the amount of fuel your vehicle uses.

A thorough car service will spot items that need attention, fixing these at your earliest convenience is important as prolonging the repair could lead to further damage that could have been avoided. Brake pad wear is a good example of this. If left too long worn brake pads can damage the disks, causing much more expensive repairs down the line. Regular inspections will spot this and save you money.

Car Service

It’s a great idea as the driver of your vehicle to carry out some basic maintenance. Things like checking tyre pressures and the engine oil level, along with topping up the screen wash, can be done by yourself at home, but there are many aspects of a car service that require the expertise, skills and tools of a professionally-trained technician.

Today’s cars are packed to the brim with complex engineering, so you can hardly be expected to know the inner workings of your car. Indeed. Although you may think you can save money, attempts by untrained (or under qualified) people to service their own car can easily result in damage to components, this can be both dangerous and create additional faults that can be significantly expensive to fix.

Independent garage v Franchised dealership

So your car needs a service. Who should you choose to service your car? There are many reasons why picking a quality independent garage to carry out your car service is beneficial to opting for the franchised dealer.

Franchised dealers are typically large scale operations. Franchised dealers tend to be more expensive as they have significantly higher business costs. Those marble floors don’t wash themselves you know.

One recent survey found that franchised dealers’ quotes can be as much as 18% higher than those provided by independent garages.

Quality independents tend to offer a comparable technical skill set to a Franchised dealer but have lower running costs and a more compact team. This means you’re likely to receive a more personal service and receive greater value for money.

Car Service

Many top-level independents are owned by dedicated and highly skilled technicians. These business owners have a high degree of training and stay current with the latest repair topics taking regular training classes and to become certified with the latest vehicle technology.

What should you expect from a car service

The duration between services and what’s covered in a specific service can vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle. That being said there are items that are usually checked on every service. These would include:

· Lights: Front, side, rear, and main lights are in full working order. Hazard warning lights and indicators are checked, as are the number plate lights, brake lights, fog lights and reverse lights.

· Fluids: Washer fluid replenished, possibly an oil and filter change. Fluids such as coolant, power steering will also be checked and topped up where required.

· Brakes: A thorough inspection may take place, brake fluid will be topped up as required. Brake pipes will be checked, as will the wear on brake pads measured.

· Wheels and tyres: Wheels and tyres will be inspected for damage for defects such as cracks and punctures. Tread depth will also be measured to make sure it is above the legal limit of 1.6mm and the pressures are checked and adjusted where required.

· Electrics: The battery, starter motor and charging system are also checked for correct operation.

· Instruments: dashboard function along with all gauges, warning lights and the horn and checked for correct operation.

· Windscreens: Inspecting the screen for damage, along with the wiper blades and washer nozzles for correct operation.

· Engine: Components are tested and checked, including items such as the radiator, clutch, air filter, coolant hoses, auxiliary drive belt, spark plugs (if fitted), fuel pipes, and the exhaust system.

· Interior: The seat belts are checked along with the internal and external mirrors, seats, interior lights, doors and locks and the handbrake.

A quality garage will carry out a thorough inspection of your vehicle and identify and remedial measure required not only at the time of inspection but outline any further work required that will be required in the medium to long term.

There are additional financial benefits to regular vehicle inspection that may not at first be immediately apparent. If your vehicle has a full service history you’ll find it easier to find a buyer at the point of sale. Regular car service will reassure buyers that you’ve cared for your vehicle and increase its resale value.

So… It just makes sense to service your car or van. But who should you choose?

We’re obviously a little biased but being AA certified you’ll be guaranteed to receive quality workmanship, great value and outstanding customer service. So if you live in or around Telford then EAC is your obvious choice.