EAC Telford clutch

Here at EAC Telford we use and stock LuK & Valeo clutch kits

EAC Telford Clutch repair

LuK (UK) Ltd manufactures a full range of single plate dry clutches, comprising diaphragm spring clutch cover assemblies and clutch disc assemblies from 160mm to 280mm in diameter. The clutch covers produced incorporate the latest design developments such as the unique LuK sprung cover design and rivet-free construction, whilst the clutch discs use a variety of sophisticated torsional damper arrangements specifically tuned for each vehicle application.

LuK clutches provide the following benefits:

•Reduced pedal loads for driver comfort
•Constant pedal load throughout the life-time of the clutch system
•Increased wear reserve, resulting in extended clutch life-time
•Reduced clutch sizing with the same torque capacity
•see the LUK web for your self www.luk.co.uk/products/car.htm

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