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EAC Telford Ltd Your Local Electric & Hybrid Car Servicing Specialists. Servicing Telford, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton & Surrounding Areas.

All our vehicle Technicians are trained to the highest standards.

Qualified and certified to service
electric & Hybrid vehicles

Our technicians are specifically trained and certified to work with electric or hybrid cars, enabling you to save up to 50% on main dealer prices.

Electric cars are simpler to service than conventional petrol or diesel cars. The fewer moving parts your car has, the fewer things can go wrong and need replacing. Services can then end up being cheaper and your vehicle causes you less problems overall.

With electric vehicles becoming more popular of the motor world, these vehicles have many parts in common with the modern cars. But there’s one big difference – high voltage electricity. One stray wire and this electricity could be passing through the body of your car in no time.

Most garage mechanics are NOT trained to work with electric or hybrid vehicle systems. Independent specialists like EAC Telford play an important role providing a cheaper alternative to the car manufacturer’s own dealership.

What’s different about an electric vehicle service?

When you bring your electric vehicle in for a service at EAC Telford, we check for all the compulsory service items & legal requirements of a roadworthy car, such as wear on the braking system, your headlights and tyre condition, just to name a few.

However, when servicing a battery electric vehicle, we also inspect and replace electric-specific elements, such as:

  • Vehicle charging cable: we visually check its condition & is present.
  • High voltage battery: we check the level of charge and recharge it if necessary.
  • High voltage components & high voltage cables: we inspect these for the correct routing, securing of lines & damage.

EAC Telford technicians are qualified and certified to work on all makes and model of electric & hybrid vehicles including BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Tesla, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, Nissan & Volkswagen.

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EAC Telford are a local independent garage certified and qualified to service your electric vehicle, offering you a cheaper alternative to main dealers.


With all the latest diagnostic equipment, our electric vehicle technicians will diagnose any problems you might have. Ask for help & advice to preserve the life of your car battery.


Our technicians at EAC Telford are fully trained and qualified to work on all the electrical and mechanical components of your vehicle & cheaper than main dealer prices.

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