Why driving with a flashing dashboard light is ill advised

At EAC Telford we’re very keen to keep you on the road in a car you can trust. The EAC Telford technical team specialise in technical diagnosis so we’ve put together this quick 3 minute read to answer that all important question.

“I’ve got a light on. Can I continue to drive my car or do I need a garage?”

dashboard light

Cars are extraordinary pieces of engineering. You may well be surprised to find out that what your car carries in terms of technology can be compared to an airline jet. There are dozens of computers keeping your vehicle systems in operation.

It is important to recognise that a flashing dashboard light is warning the driver something is wrong that needs urgent attention. If it’s a steady light then there is no such urgency but it’s still a warning.

dashboard light

Your driver’s handbook is a great source of information on what to do next. If you’re out on the open road then your roadside assistance company should be able to help. Or, you’re welcome to give us a call at EAC Telford as we’re experts on this.

The ones to be most aware of are:


dashboard light

This one is shaped like a lit up engine when it comes on. It indicates the engine’s computer has a diagnostic problem, which is commonly related to the car’s emissions control system or a running concern.

The car may still appear to be running normally, but the light is a warning that the engine should be inspected as soon as possible. When the engine management light is flashing it means the power unit requires immediate attention.


dashboard light

Anti-lock brake system lights indicate faults with the ABS system. Although these faults will not cause you to lose your brakes, it could mean that some ABS safety features are not working as they should.

Braking distances and ability to steer while braking could be affected while the ABS may not function correctly when you need to avoid a skid.


dashboard light

When a brake system light comes on it could indicate the brake fluid level is running low, or the parking brake is still engaged, or maybe there is some sort of issue with the anti-lock braking system (ABS).

If nothing is obvious when you carry out a quick visual inspection then the warning light could be alerting you to something more serious, especially if it is related to brake fluid being lost due to a leak. Get it checked. Brake failure is dangerous.


dashboard light

An engine’s coolant temperature warning light flashing is a serious matter. It is alerting you that the engine is running too hot, the coolant level is low or there is a fault with the sensor.

A car should be turned off as soon as possible when this light comes on so the cooling system can be inspected in order to avoid any engine damage.


dashboard light

This warning lamp comes on when a car’s oil pressure sensor is detecting low oil pressure. This may be an indication of a low engine oil level, a loss of oil pressure or a faulty sensor.

When it comes on the oil level and its pressure should be immediately checked, otherwise serious damage to the engine could occur.


dashboard light

This light warns of problems with the airbag system or one or more of the airbags. These are important safety features that could fail when they are required or go off when you are not expecting.

Get the system checked when you see this light.

So there you have it. Taking these lights seriously is important. If you fail to do so it could easily lead to unnecessary expensive work at a later stage and that’s something that we’re all keen to avoid.

flashing dashboard light

At EAC Telford, we have expertise in this field because your car’s complex systems are our daily concern. We guarantee our skilled technicians will always give you valuable peace of mind when it comes to the running of your car.

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