Engine De-Carbonizing For More Power + Increased MPG + Lower CO2 Emissions

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We have invested in a state of the art injection cleaning machine. The machine is quick and easy to us and is a great way to prevent a loss of power in the vehicles engine and improve fuel consumption.

Fortron Injector Max Premix Petrol RTG fuel system cleaner is a premium quality solvent designed to clean fuel injectors, fuel rail, and valves on all petrol vehicles.

If your vehicle is over 12 months old it could really benefit from having the injection system cleaned. The machine will thoroughly purge your fuel injection system and will maximise your vehicle performance and MPG.

Carbon building up in the engine, injection and exhaust systems will lead to your vehicle being less efficient. When the vehicle is less efficient higher emissions will cause the creation of carbon build ups and more fuel being used. Extreme cases will see the engine or injection system components damaged, leading to costly repairs that will be time consuming.

Results are noticeable instantly, so there is no waiting.

•Requires no hazardous premixing of fluid prior to use.
•Cleans carbon and resin deposits from fuel injectors, fuel rail and cylinder valves.
•Maximises fuel economy.
•Maximises vehicle performance.
•Minimises exhaust emissions.
•Fortron Injector Max Premix Solvent is to be used in conjunction with Injector Max
•EC-900A fuel system cleaning machine and is suitable for all electronic fuel injected engines.

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