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You want to know that the security system you get fitted is going to be reliable and effective so it’s important to choose a quality installer like EAC Telford.

Features ProductSTDRS Driver ID tags x 2Protector Pro GlobalTridentMaxiCaravanSmarTrack 5
Smartrack 5
Approval ForUpgrade only
for CAT 6 / S7
Not applicableCAT 6 / S7CAT 6 / S7CAT 6 / S7CAT 6 / S7S5 Only
CAT 5 / S5+
App/OnlineNot applicableApp Only
Geofence FacilityNot applicableComing Soon
ImmobilisationXXOptionalOptionalXX use S5
HistoryNot applicableX
Full online

Full online

Full online

Full online

Full online
Alarm inputNot applicable
BUY NOW / all inc VAT£199£299£349£349£299£549£699
SubscriptionNot applicable£149 Year
£12.49 Month
£399 Duration
£149 Year
£12.49 Month
£399 Duration
£149 Year
£12.49 Month
£399 Duration
£149 Year
£12.49 Month
£399 Duration
£159 year
£13.49 Month
£499 Duration
£199 year
£16.99 Month
£599/£699 Duration

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Thatcham Installers Telford

The MIRRC, fondly known as ‘Thatcham’ owned by the biggest insurance companies in the UK set the highest criteria, Category S7 and then Category S5 being the very highest in protection against theft recovery of vehicles. All our products are fully tested by Thatcham and SGS, making the product fully VCA compliant to all vehicle manufactures as an aftermarket product.

Thatcham Category S7

Category S7 devices have to be monitored by a Secure Control Centre for illegal movements (vehicle moving without the ignition key), disconnection of main vehicle battery. We also monitor battery voltage so if your battery is running low they will contact the customer making them aware.

Thatcham Category S5

Category S5 is the highest Thatcham Category for Vehicle Tracking in the UK. These devices must have the facility to receive an immobilisation command from the Secure Control Centre to stop the vehicle from starting. At Police request only. Key protection is included with the end user having to carry a separate tag when driving the vehicle. If the tag is not present the customer would be called when the vehicle is being driven to confirm the safety of the vehicle.

Thatcham Telematic Category Transitions Guidelines – Read more

What are the Benefits of using Thatcham Trackers?

Thatcham Approved Car Trackers are vehicle tracking systems have been rigorously tested to predefined criteria established by Thatcham. By using a Thatcham Approved Tracker on your vehicle, you can be sure that you’re using a car tracking system that will keep your car safe.

When using a Thatcham Approved tracker, you can also be assured that:

  • If your vehicle gets stolen, there’s a high likelihood it will be recovered very quickly and safely returned to the owner.
  • Your car tracker can be used abroad if needed.
  • Your tracker device comes recommended by a range of leading car manufacturing companied.
  • There’s a popular saying that you can’t put a price on peace of mind, and when it comes to an asset as valuable as your car, that’s certainly true.

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